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21' Snyper Summer Challenge is a way to practice your skills over the summer.

Join us on the SNYPR app and log your wall ball/ bounce back reps to compete for CGLC prestige and prizes.

1. Download the free SNYPR app in Apple or Google Play stores

2. Register your player (parents you will need to give permission for child registrations).

3. Once registered join your team by entering the code below.

4. To play, close all other apps, press play, then attach your phone to your arm by using a compression sleeve, old sock or fitness band.

5. Start getting your wall ball/bounce back reps in while the app counts them for you!

The app is not perfect but will track most of your reps. Once you have completed the challenge, you will be eligible for membership in the "Golden Strings Club".  Players who participate in the challenge and complete the necessary reps will be issued strings for their sticks that are unique to this particular group of players.

Golden Strings  - This is an on-your honor-based designation, given to players that put in the time to improve their lacrosse skills outside of the regular CGLC lacrosse practices.  Members can gain Golden String's designation by participating in club team workouts or by completing the Snypr Challenges each season (Summer, Fall, Winter).  Members must continue to complete the challenges or maintain membership in their club to maintain Golden String status.

Each player or parent will need to follow up with their program's director or the head of the CGLC to ensure that their player is properly designated (we will do our best to follow up and honor our players but this system is not foolproof.)

Season Awards -  Each Snypr season will end with a drawing for a $50 gift card or other prizes to be awarded randomly to one of the players who completed the challenge.  Season awards are ONLY available to players who complete the challenge.  Being part of a club program does not make you eligible for this award.



Cedar Grove Lacrosse Boys 5-8th      80203

Cedar Grove Lacrosse Girls 5-8th      98482


Visit http://www.snypr.com/to learn more and watch the YouTube video here.